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We just reopened here in the UK and I got my first invitation for a networking event. This made me super excited as I finally got a chance to go out there and to talk to people about my new adventure – stylish paint and sip parties.

The event was a warm-up meeting before the big event in September which is called “The Christmas event show”. I very much look forward to attending this event, not only because I am a massive Christmas lover, but also I want to meet other service providers and venues which will be happy to collaborate with me.

A bit of background about my networking skill, though, I am not good at approaching people and starting a conversation. But at the same time, I like talking to people. Yes, I know it’s a bit weird, but it is what is. I decided to be a bit tactical. I sat at a big table (there were not many big ones) and because there were a few seats available, every now and then people have approached me and asked if they can sit down. Yes, this was my networking “hook”. Of course, the seats were available, as I was alone. As soon as they sat at the table, starting a conversation with them was not difficult at all.

I met many very interesting people at this event.

As you know, when you meet someone for the first time, people normally ask – “what do you do?”

And of course, I quickly responded – I am a planner of stylish paint & sip events, people come to my events to have lots of fun, have a few drinks and paint something beautiful.

But what I noticed was, many people actually don’t know what a paint & sip party is, some had never heard of this type of party. In fact, people not only don’t know what these events are all about, but they also don’t know the real benefits of painting and being creative in a relaxed and happy environment.

So I decided today to crack open this topic and to explain in detail what paint and sip events are and what makes them a unique experience every time you attend them. But let me start first with a little bit of history.

How Paint & Sip parties were born?

Everything started in 2002 at a studio outside Birmingham, Alabama USA. A young lady, Wendy Lovol, quit her job at the age of 28th to follow her passion to teach children and adults how to paint. She opened a studio and started giving painting lessons. But what she noted was that the adults are slower painters than the children. The adults tend to spend a lot more time thinking about how to complete the process. They are more uncertain and doubting their painting and creative abilities.

To ensure that all her adult students also manage to complete their paintings by the end of the class and at the same time enjoy the process, Wendy encouraged them to bring some drinks with them at the studio and she also limited the class to two works.

What she explained in an interview on APNews:

“When you give an adult time, we overanalyze and overthink everything. When you give them that time restraint, they can create anything. They just have to get outside of themselves, and you do that when you move fast. You shut down that anal side of your brain and your creative side opens up.”

Wendy Lovol

Inspiring story. I always want to know how a successful business started.

Now, the big question:

What is a paint & sip party all about?

By now, you should already know that a Paint & Sip party is actually an informal art class where, without the pressure of fine art lessons, people without any painting experience can paint a painting from start to finish. To make the experience even more relaxed, the guests can have a glass or two of good wine, Prosecco, a cocktail or any non-alcoholic beverage.

Many people “believe” that they are not creative. I often hear people say, “I can be sipping very successfully without embarrassing myself and trying to paint something. I have never painted in my life… maybe as a kid at school, but this is different.”

I was one of those “believers” before I tried to paint. True story. But then, I not only fell in love with painting, I even started a business, as I wanted to spread happiness and help as many people possible discover painting as a new way to meditate and connect with their inner selves.

What you should know about the influence of painting on your brain and mental health:

  • It will help you to be more confident

Self-doubt is one of the major reasons for people not being confident. Here, I can raise my hand too. Every now and then I think I cannot do something because I am not good at this or that. It was the same with painting.

But when I completed my first painting, I looked at it, and I said to myself, “Mariella, you can paint!” My painting was lovely, and this made me realize that it was not a lack of talent, but a lack of confidence that made me think that I was not good at painting.

  • It will help you to be present

Many people struggle to be present when they are thinking about a lot of things at the same time. Well, painting requires concentration, as you need to mix colours, you need to create shapes, and so on. This form of unforced concentration will help you to discover the benefit of being present.

  • The painting will teach you to focus on one, and only one thing

In addition to being present, you also will discover that you are focused on only one thing. Multitasking is the king of unsuccess, but many of us quite often do a few things at a time. With painting, you can only do one thing and you should be focused if you want it to look lovely at the end.

This is also the reason why painting is considered a new way of meditation. Focusing on one thing helps you stop thinking about something else. It’s very relaxing indeed.

  • You will learn to appreciate the colours of Mother Nature

In general, the main colours are only three – red, blue and yellow. From these three colours, you can create all other existing colours on earth. The only exception is the colour white.

I like colours, especially flowers once. The sea world has always been fascinating to me. When I started painting, I started looking deeper into how Mother Nature has mixed and matched all these wonderful colour palettes in different places in the world.

In the water, in the sky, in the forest or on the beach. The beauty of the sunset, the monochrome colour of the storm and so on.

I started seeing the colours more clearly and more saturated. You’ll discover this too.

  • The painting will teach you to be patient

I don’t know about you, but when I want something, sometimes I get a bit impatient. But with painting, you can’t speed up some of the processes. Even if you use a blow dryer to dry your painting between the steps, still the process of painting follows some steps. If you skip even one, the painting may not look as you want.

The other problem with not being patient is when you look at the painting in the middle of the process and say to yourself, “Ah, looks awful”.

This is the wrong approach.

With painting, we need to be patient because we can only see the beauty of our work once it’s complete. That’s why I always say to our guests not to judge their painting before adding the highlights.

  • The painting will help you feel good and appreciate yourself

As much as paint-and-sip parties are social events, when you paint, it’s just you and the canvas. If you attend one of our events your experience comes with decorations themed around the painting, appropriate music, a drink that complements the painting, and recommended snacks. We create a happy environment where you can enjoy activities combining fun and creativity, with no pressure on you.

That is what makes our guests feel relaxed and gets all of the creative juices flowing. We teach our guests to explore their own creative approach and to paint whatever they want, however they want.

This approach helps people to try different things and to discover their hidden talents. Finding how well you can do something that you have never done before makes you appreciate yourself a lot more.

Final thoughts

Sip and paint parties are wonderful activities for spending some quality time with family and friends, but it is also a fantastic way to give yourself a break from your busy daily life. Painting changes the way we see colours and appreciate art, but also make us feel happier.

So, if you have never tried a sip and paint party, go to our event calendar, choose a workshop and join us for the next paint party.

With love,

Mariella 💖

Let me know what do you think about this topic.

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