7 great ideas for team building activities and corporate events

What are the best team building activities for work? 


More than ever, coworkers need activities to bond and unite their teams. The pandemic forced us to work from home, and now going back to the office can be really stressful for some people. We just got used to working in Zoom suits from the comfort of our homes, and now suddenly we have to start dealing with rush hour again, running to catch the train and spending the whole day in the office.


What can you do to make team members more relaxed and comfortable with going back to the office? There are a few great team-building ideas that are great for the office, which will make team members happy to be back, motivate them, and inspire their reunions.


There are a few different ways to build teams:


– Active classes where all team members go outside and do something together, such as games, competitions and so on.

– Intellectual activities, such as games or mysteries, where they all have to brainstorm and find a solution or solve a mystery.

– Activities where everybody does something individually but together with all the other colleagues: this would be all creative workshops and activities that allow each member to express their own personality, allowing the team members to get to know each other better.


For activities to welcome people back to the office, I think it would be best to do the third one. Here are a few great ideas for how to make your team happier when they are back in the office:

Cocktail-making workshop

Cocktail and shaker

Who doesn’t like cocktails, right? A cocktail-making class can be a great way to have some fun at the office. Make the class even more exciting by asking each member to create their own signature cocktail with their favourite spirits. 


Of course, you will need a professional barman to teach them how to mix the ingredients.

Flower-arranging or wreath-making class

flowers arranging classes

Arranging flowers and making wreaths are very rewarding activities. Most people love flowers, but not many can arrange them.

This workshop will bring fresh and beautiful flowers into your office that will last for at least a week.

Wine Tasting and Wine Painting Class

paint with wine

Wine tasting activity is perfect for teams where most people appreciate wine. Add a little bit of creativity to this activity by having a short and sweet paint with a red wine class. Yes, you can paint with wine and in fact, it’s a super lovely experience.

The workshop with a few different red wines is great, because different wines have different colours. For example, merlot has a bit more pink shade, pinot noir has a bright burgundy shade and malbec has a darker colour.


We had quite a few workshops like this one and all our guests loved it.

Perfume Making Class Team Activity

Perfume Making Class for team buildings

Senses evoke memories and different senses bring different feelings. The perfume making class is a wonderful way to educate the team about their senses and learn more about creating personalised fragrances.

Paint & Sip Team Building Party

team building paint party

Painting is proven to be a relaxing and calming experience. Not only that, painting is a creative process. Creativity makes people feel happier and inspired. Our paint & sip office parties are designed as an experience that can be personalised to your company.


You can choose from individual painting or team masterpiece creating activities.


Download our Team building experience brochure here.

A Comedy Workshop

comedy team building

Make them laugh with tears. The comedy team building is so much fun as a comedian will lead the party and teach the team members how to make funny jokes.


Then the team members will make their own comedy show.


How cool is that?

Balloon Making Class Team Building

Balloon Making team building

Balloons are not only for children’s parties. They are great entertainment for adults too.


A professional balloon instructor will show your team, step by step, how to create different things and shapes, even a self-portrait with balloons.


This is super fun and enjoyable activity.

How can you decide what activity will be the best for your team?

All of the above team building ideas are brilliant for office bonding activities. However, there are a few tips I can give you so you can pick the best one.

~ Space – Make sure that you have enough space at the office for the activity you want to do. For example, you wouldn’t need a lot of space for a Paint and Sip party, because the team members can have the easels on their desks. However, for a flower-arranging course or cocktail-making class, you would need to have a bit more space, and some additional equipment, like scissors and knives for the flowers, or a fridge for the ice and some cocktail glasses.

~ Male to female ratio – Consider if you have more males or females on the team. Some events are great for the ladies, some are more for the guys, and others are unisex activities.

~ The number of team members – This is also quite important, as some activities might not be easy for a large team. For example, wine tastings, Paint and Sip parties, or balloon-making classes would be very suitable for either small or large groups, while perfume-making or comedy workshops would be better as team-building activities for a small group.

~ Ages – The ages of the group members are not really that important. But still, you can take the average age of the team members into consideration.

~ Day and time – It’s important to think about the day and time of an office party, especially if you are having a wine tasting or making cocktails. You wouldn’t have this kind of party in the middle of the week, or during working hours. However, flower-arranging classes or Paint and Sip parties are great at any time of the day. “Sip” need not necessarily mean alcoholic drinks; there could be coffee, tea, soft drinks or mocktails.

Final thoughts

Team-bonding activities are something that can be considered to have on a regular basis. I’m not leaving people to go to the pub after work. Organise something on a regular basis, so team members can have fun, enjoy some time with their coworkers, and most importantly, get to know each other outside of doing tasks for work.


The above activities are not intense and do not require a lot of active work, which is great, especially after the long lockdown period. They will make the transaction from home to back to the office smooth and relaxed.


So which one of those team office activities is your favourite?


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