Limited Edition

About Limited Edition

We love to plan any kind of painting parties all year round. However, there are special themes which come only once a year, like Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day or St Valentines Day. Our limited edition collection presents seasonal entertaining workshops, which are all about having fun and painting something for once in the year.

Limited edition collection also includes our “Paintfie” – selfie painting, “Perpetuate your pet in a portrait”, or “Our wedding day masterpiece”.

collections of fabulous experinces

painting of autumn forest

Seasonal events

Paint seasonal paintings and bring more holiday spirit to your day and your home.


There is always something we can celebrate with paint & sip in style party throughout the year.


So, let’s paint and sip with a glass of Prosecco (or any other bubbly cocktail) and celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Chinese New Year or just the beauty of every season. There are so many reasons to get together and have a fabulous time!

Pet dog portrait

Precious Works of Art

We all have something special in our lives – a best friend, an adorable pet or something else we love more than anything. There are also once in a lifetime moments like a wedding day or a new baby. Or, you are just a selfies lover. Whatever it is, this workshop is for you!


There is nothing more enjoyable and exhilarating than painting something which means a lot to you. These premium events are a fantastic experience for couples, girls night out or special occasions like a hen party or baby shower.