About Merrymaking Workshops

The merrymaking workshops are our signature events. The collection of different styles of painting has only one goal: to inspire you to live the life you love.


We believe that if we paint what we want to attract in our lives, and if throughout that process bring all our positive thoughts to this painting, we can manifest our dreams. Then, whenever you hang this picture, it will sparkle those beautiful, happy vibes.


It’s like you are making your dream mood board, but you are just painting it.

collections of fabulous experinces

young Buddah

Zen - Inspired

Slow down and relax by painting Zen-inspired pictures. In this collection, we blend the simplicity from the Zen culture and the beauty of imperfection from Wabi-Sabi to deliver a calming and peaceful experience.


The zen-inspired collection is perfect for anyone who wants to contemplate, self-reflect and get some spiritual repose.

colourful arcylic painting

Live colourfully

This collection offers painting with all sorts of different meanings, like painting for attracting romance, or wealth, or success, and so on.


Every painting is created by our artists with a story and meaning, so you can either choose to paint something because it is a part of an interesting and inspiring story or because of its meaning.

acrylic painting on easel in the nature

Lost in nature

Scenic views, sparkling waterfalls or paradise beaches. Get lost in the magnificent nature by painting wonderful places around the world. The place we live (a big noisy city or small peaceful village) cannot always offer us a great connection with nature.


Escape with us, get lost and feel the beauty of our lovely planet.