5 ideas for non-alcoholic Paint & Sip Party

Paint-and-wine or paint-and-sip parties were invented with an alcoholic drink in mind (you can read the story HERE). However, this is no longer the case. Paint-and-sip parties can be with non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea or even shakes for children’s parties.

As a professional wedding and party planner, I always have to think about the guests who don’t drink. Sometimes, the non-alcoholic options can be boring, but not for me. I love matching non-alcoholic drinks to the theme of the party as much as alcoholic options. In fact, there are many interesting and yummy options for non-drinkers.

I made a selection of my favourites, but of course, you can use anything else you wish and think will be a suitable choice for your paint-and-sip party.

Here are 5 ideas for alcohol-free drinks for your next paint party:

Gourmet coffee

banner with painting and coffee

I am starting with coffee as this is my favourite drink. I start my day with a cup of hot coffee with a dash of cinnamon. I recently started using cinnamon in my morning coffee and I love it.


Gourmet coffee is a fantastic option for an afternoon party, a me-and-mama painting party or event, or a mum’s-day-out party. In fact, some of the recipes for this type of goodness in a mug are truly wonderful for a themed paint party.


For example, coconut mocha frappe is lovely while painting palms or a beach, while a homemade pumpkin spice latte can be the perfect cause for painting pumpkins in early autumn or Halloween. Any options for iced coffee are wonderful for a summer paint party.

Afternoon tea

banner with painting and afternoon tea

This is a lovely British tradition. Having afternoon tea has always been something special to me. The great part about it is we can have savoury and sweet little things like sandwiches, scones, teacakes and buns, biscuits and different jams.

I love offering afternoon tea with paintings such as an English garden, roses or even a summer field with wildflowers.

There are plenty of ideas when it comes to what to serve at an afternoon tea paint party, so that one is very easy to plan.


Banner with a painting and picture of lemonade

As we know, the original fruit you can do lemonade with is…lemons, yay. However, lemonade can have many other fruity flavours like mango, peach, strawberry, watermelon and so on.

The best thing about lemonades is that they are full of vitamins and they are great for children as well. They can be vegan, definitely gluten-free and even a little bit fizzy if you use sparkling water.

Lemonades are a great drink choice for all summer-style painting, but in particular, are good for painting things like ice cream, fruits, cupcakes as well as animal paintings.

Lemonades are also quite suitable drinks for a picnic paint party.


banner with picture of milkshakes and flaming

As a child, I loved having a milkshake with a couple of scoops of ice cream. My favourites were vanilla and strawberry until I discovered banana and chocolate flavours 😊. I think a milkshake is one of those drinks that always bring lovely happy memories. Having a selection of milkshakes for your paint party can be a fabulous idea.


The same as lemonades, shakes are perfect for a summer paint party, alfresco or in the backyard. Of course, paintings like ice cream and cupcakes are great, but also any beach paintings or sunsets.


banner with a picture of mocktails and painting of a cocktail

These are the preferred option for late afternoon paint parties for adults, but I always have one or two options for late paint parties as well. The beauty of mocktails is they still have these lovely cocktail look with colours, decorations, maybe a small umbrella or cherry, but unlike alcoholic cocktails, you can have an unlimited amount of these ones.

You also can use them to complement the theme of your paint party in colours and taste.

Final thoughts

Planning a paint party is always fun. Of course, like any other party, there are many details to think about, but still, you don’t need to make things very complicated. So, once you know the painting you will be using, then brainstorm and think about what the best match will be in terms of decoration, food and drinks which will make the experience even more special.

Always think about the drinks and dietary requirements of your guests.

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Thanks for reading. I’d love to know what is your favourite non-alcoholic option for a paint & sip party? Let me in the comments below.  


Warm hugs from me,

Mariella 💖