Autumn bucket list

I don’t know about you but I love autumn. It may sound a bit weird, but the reason I love this season so much is ‘cos there are so many things that make me feel cosy and with a romantic spirit.


Officially, autumn isn’t here yet, but realistically we all start to have a feel of autumn right around when September starts.


So this year, we have a lovely paint-and-sip workshop with a lovely “Autumn bucket list” painting. The great thing about this painting is that everyone can customise it as they wish.


Here’s what I’m going to have on my Autumn bucket list:

Photo session in the park

painting "walk in the forest"

The colours of the leaves in the autumn are stunning. From bright yellow to dark burgundy and brown.


A photo session in the park is always a great idea, something like our new painting.


I live next to Bushy Park and I can have some lovely deer at the back of my photos.

Pumpkin pie

picture of pumpkin pie

Cooking is my thing. I’ve been cooking since I was a teenager, but one thing I’ve never baked is pumpkin pie. In Bulgaria, we have something called “Tikvenik” which is basically a pastry with pumpkin puree filling, but I’ve never tried to make a classic pumpkin pie.

So this one definitely goes on my bucket list.


HERE is the recipe for the traditional pumpkin pie I am planning to try. 


Speaking about Halloween, this is another thing I’ve never tried to do – to carve a pumpkin.


I remember as a kid, we loved to make lanterns from watermelon, but pumpkins – never. I’ll try it for sure.

Halloween makeup

halloween makeup

Halloween is something I haven’t celebrated. It wasn’t popular in my country so I never had a chance to have a Halloween costume or to have scary makeup like blood dripping from my eyes, or a hole in my head, lol.


Well, I want to give it a try this year. I think it will be fun.

Pumpkin decoration

pumpkin setting

I never miss decorating the house for Christmas, but for some reason, I barely have decorations for the autumn.


So this year, I will make a themed decoration, “Pumpkins”.


One of the things I’m going to do is a painting with pumpkins. I love the idea of making something instead of buying it.

Spiced pumpkin popcorn & romantic movie night

popcorn and movie

Popcorn is my favourite snack when watching movies, but in autumn it’s so lovely to wrap up myself with a warm blanket, get a big ball of pumpkin-spiced popcorn and watch a romantic movie.


Well, I haven’t done this for a long time, so this season is the right time.

Acrylic autumn painting

painting happy fall

Painting makes me happy.

I feel joy and peace and so much more. I love mixing colour, I love the creamy texture of the acrylic paint and most importantly I love how my painting makes me feel at the end. 

It is so satisfying to see the complete painting hang on my wall. 

So, the painting I will do for sure will be “Happy fall y’all”. 


What are you going to paint this month?

DIY Autumn wreath

halloween wreath

The door wreaths are a wonderful decoration for the Christmas festive season, but I have seen such beautiful and cute autumn wreaths too.


So, what I want to do this autumn is to make my own door wreath as a part of my season-themed decoration at home.

Final thoughts

This is my very realistic and easy-to-do bucket list. I don’t want to promise myself something I can’t make. I will start with painting my bucket list, so I can have this as a checklist on the wall. Then, I will do everything one by one. Woo hoo, I am getting excited!


What are you going to include in your bucket list?


Why don’t you come and paint with us during the “Autumn Bucket List” painting and get inspired?


Check our event calendar for upcoming event dates HERE. 


Lots of love,

Mariella & Ania 💖